The Best Road Trips from Galway – Part 3

Poster: Ciara Geraghty Trip #3 Cong, Ashford Castle & Lough Nafooey This is a great trip for “The Quiet Man” film fans as you can see a lot of the filming sites in the village of Cong and on the grounds of Ashford Castle. Make your way out the Headford Road (N84), just past Headford…

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10 Family Activities in Galway for when the sun forgets to shine!

Poster: Ciara Geraghty You have the bags packed and in the boot, the GPS is in action and you’ve only been asked “Are we there yet?” six times so far, but then the curse of having such a beautiful green country strikes again… The Rain! How are you going to entertain your little minions while…

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Our Top 5 Playgrounds in Galway

Poster: Cecilia Broomé Sullivan I could swear that if I asked my kids on any given day, at any given time, in any given weather, what they would like to do or where they would like to spend the day that the answer would always be the same: The Playground. As a parent I can…

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